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Light Emotion Thunderbolt Blue Laser Hire




Light Emotion’s stunning Thunderbolt range of lasers redefined the standard for affordable colour lower price point than ever previously seen. The Thunderbolt series covers a range of models. There’s the blue (as here) and green single colour units, as well as multi-colour red/green/yellow, red/violet/pink and green/violet/cyan three-colour combinations. Breakthroughs in technology have seen the cost of achieving intense blues and violets come down dramatically. The three colour variants can also run as dedicated single colours – providing plenty of options for theming and lighting design, particularly when used in combination. All of the Thunderbolts have DMX control with addressing available via a convenient LED display. Master/slave, sound active, and internal pre-programmed shows provide further control options. Being key lockable, and with integrated aperture covers, the Thunderbolts exceed Australian safety standards.
Key Features:-
• Compact design
• DMX controllable
• Built in sound activated and auto patterns
• Digital LED display control system
• Aperture Cover
• Key lock

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